Wine Down Playlist: 10 songs you can listen to while sipping your Sangria
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Wine Down Playlist: 10 songs you can listen to while sipping your Sangria

Wine Down Playlist: 10 songs you can listen to while sipping your Sangria

Well, the ravishing rainy weather is knocking on our doors. The air is getting all mellow and romantic. So, why not warm it up a tad bit more with a glass of amazing Cinnamon Sangria? This wine-infused cocktail could be your perfect partner for these slight chilly and comfy monsoon evenings. With DrinkTales cocktails mix, all you need to do is choose your favorite Wine (white or red), and you are all set! Voila! Okay, now that your glass of Sangria is ready, let’s glam it up a bit and add a side of country, rock, jazz, or maybe some subtle electronic tones to it. We have handpicked a few songs that will surely make your evening parfait!

Here’s our list of top 10 Wine down songs to gee up the Sangria mood-

On Sight by Free Nationals:

This soulful R&B is for those funk jam evenings. It is warm, hazy, and upbeat yet subtle, perfect to light up the Sangria mood. With its chilled-out tune and little offbeat melodies, it could simply be a delight with your cocktail. 

Smile by WizKid:

Yet another R&B/ Soul this song by Wizkid is sure to put a smile on your face. Soulful and chill, this song simply makes to tiptoe through its upbeat rhythm. Get your foot tapping and let loose to its tunes!

Let go by Aaron May:

For all those Hip hop and Rap music fans, this one could be your Wine Down jam. Electronic music indeed adds an energetic tone to the music; this one is just the same. You will surely ‘let go’ of all your worries with this tune and your cinnamon sangria.

Lion King on Ice by J. Cole:

Drawing parallel between his life and Disney’s young Simmba, J. Cole has created this hip hop rap, Lion King on Ice. It basically talks about his struggles and rising to be one of the best rappers in America currently. This one is a mindful listen with a great beat backing it up. This one is another one of that funky rap wine-down jams that just help you loosen a bit and relish the moment.

Amy by Yuna:

In her album ‘Rouge,’ Yuna has explored the ideas of love, and Amy is one of the amazing songs from that album. The song makes you fall in love with the soothing and calming effect that it’s leaves on its listeners. It is a perfect song to play in the backdrop while sipping that cinnamon Sangria with your special one. Our tip for an ideal date would include this tasty cinnamon wine Sangria, with a dash of brandy to add that little zing, a wholesome meal, and one of these songs.

Jam by Wizkid:

Another one by Wizkid, this one will get you in a dancing mood instantly with its happy and happening vibe. It makes you jam on it effortlessly. Its upbeat tune makes it a great choice. What are you waiting for, fellow Sangria fans? Start jamming!

Queen Tings by Masego:

To all those heavy workaholic days, when you want to relax and chill, this one is the perfect Wine down jam. For the Queen in you, you deserve this amazing cocktail and this upbeat yet soulful tune to end your busy day in the most chilled-out way. Cheers to the productive day!

Two of us by Peter Hunnigale:

“I want you to understand” that this is the perfect jam. With the amazing voice of Peter Hunnigale, you will fall in love with this song. The style of the music is Reggae. In this genre, there is a strongly accented subsidiary beat. It is what makes it unique, and thus, this one is a great pick for your evening.

Vex Oh by Kaytranada:

While Kaytranada and his girl enjoy “drinks all night,” You can sip onto that Sangria. This song has a little pop touch and makes a great pick for all those who love electronic raps. This one is totally made for you.

Eternal Light by Free national:

We have another composition from the free national’s album. This song is slow-paced yet enrapturing. You can truly dive into its soulful melody and forget all your worries for a good 3 minutes and 13 seconds.

Let me down by Jaz Karis:

A few chords here and a few chords there are all you need for this one. A little upbeat, a little offbeat, we don’t see any reason “why why why” this song is away from your Wine down list.

Well, this wine-down playlist will surely add more charm to your cocktail evening. Do let us know about your much-loved wine-down playlist.

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