5 Ways To Serve A Great Cocktail
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5 Ways To Serve A Great Cocktail

You think of parties and celebrations, you think of cocktails! Add a ting of flavour to your celebrations with quirky cocktails. Give a twist to your favourite drinks by experimenting different ways to serve your drinks. Serve these in classy and interesting ways. Finding the right way to tweak your drink isn’t always easy. There are hundreds of different ways to serve a great cocktail, also depending upon personal preference. You can try out a new twist on an old favourite, stick to something classy or dare to go on an adventure by trying drinks that have never been served before.

To help you make your choice, we have listed down five best ways to serve a great cocktail for any occasion.

  1. LED Ice Cubes

Add colours to your class of cocktails by shining light on them with LED Ice Cubes. These make your glass of drinks look attractive in pretty colours, which are available in a variety and add a different yet fun vibe when paired with cocktails of unusual hues. They are battery operated and are manufactured to make your drinking experience an enjoyable and quirky one, but yet are safe. Let the lights of the dance room floor also be reflected in your drinks with these LED ice cubes.

  •     Garnishes that you can eat

Edible garnishes make your glasses of drinks look interesting and classy. Edibles like celery stalk, carrot stick, cherries, olives and lemons have for very long been popular among garnishes that can also be enjoyed with your drinks. To make your drinks better along with such garnishes, cloak your glass with custom-flavoured salts, rosemary springs with cranberries, fruit juice ice cubes and lollipops which add a flavour of sweetness as well as work as a stirrer. Let your imaginations soar and play around with ideas to give an extra edge to your drinks that give an extra edge to your mood.

  •     The more the layers, the better

It’s fun to try out drinks that also look visually appealing. A great way to do this is by adding layers to the drink like adding a layer of cream to create a dramatic visual with the different densities of colours. Some great combinations of layered drinks can be mini mojito with crushed mint leaves or a mini kamikaze with vodka, Blue Curacao and lime juice. The key to this is ‘no stirring’ once served and should be savoured the same way as it can ruin the presentation.

  •     Classy shooters

Small servings always add sass to your drinks and the celebration. Pump up the party with a modern take on shooters. These with a few sips of limoncello, a mojito or cosmopolitan are a sure way to get people on the dance floor. Shooters that serve mixed drinks are much safer than throwing back straight liquor. However, it gives off the same vibe.

  •     With Popsicles!

Give an up-scale touch to your drinks, especially during the summers, with a variety of fruity popsicle garnishes. They are a perfect blend of playful and classy at the same time and can be served as a refreshing summer drink that is perfect for any occasion. These can be served in any kind of glasses, preferably shots that make it easier for the guests to savour this delight. It adds that pop of colour and presentation which is sure to bring out the kid in each one of your guests.

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