Pre-Made Cocktail Mixers That Are as Good as the Real Thing
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Pre-Made Cocktail Mixers That Are as Good as the Real Thing

They say experimenting makes you learn things, discover things and along the way give your imagination wings. Cocktails are a great way to put your creativity to the test and experiment with different ingredients to invent the best drink ever!

We may enjoy watching the bartenders work their magic behind the bar, creating the most amazing cocktails for you, however, to save time, sometimes they end up using pre-,ade cocktail mixers. Now for some, this may not be as good as the authentic cocktails, which you rightly have reasons for as some liquor store shelves  get flooded with the sticky-sweret, neon- hued bottles for the impatient party hosts and bars, which the people eventually grew tired of. This paved the way for the creative home bartenders and pros to use fresh ingredients like fruits and homemade syrups to create the best pre-made cocktail mixers resulting in the best cocktails!

Luckily these cocktail mixers in India do not come laden with sugar or hued bright green, they are instead packed with the goodness of  fresh ingredients like real fruits, spices and herbs. These cocktail mixers are in fact more fun to try and make drinks at home with your personal twist giving you that feeling of a home-bartender.

Here are a list of the some of the brands that offer the best cocktail mixers in India-

Sepoy & Co.

Sepoy & Co. headquartered in Delhi, has created quite the buzz for their highly wondrous tonic waters and original ginger ale. Their tonic waters are available in three distinct flavors of Spiced Grapefruit, Mint and Indian. Their ‘low-sugar’ mixers are a delight and always a hit when paired with different liquors.

Bengal Bay

This is the perfect blend of botanicals that bring out the flavors of spirits. Bengal Bay offers an organic alternative to the regular tonics available in the market. Their Classic Indian Tonic Water and Spiced Orange & Basil Tonic Water are carefully crafted with low sugar content and hence can be consumed as is.

Jimmy’s Cocktails

Looking for mixers that are fruity, fabulous and can bring life to any celebration, then Jimmy’s Cocktails are your go-to! They are available in four flavors- Cosmopolitan, Mango Chilli Mojito, Sex On The Beach and Whiskey Sour. Their fruity ingredients and botanicals are perfectly balanced. These can be enjoyed as mocktails too. Have fun experimenting with these lively cocktail mixers!


Based out of Mumbai, three ‘seasoned drinkers’ launched Svami Tonic. These all-natural drinks are not overly sweet (yay!) and are available in some different variants. They include Original Tonic Water, Light Tonic Water, Grapefruit Tonic Water, Cucumber Tonic Water, 3 Cal Tonic and Ginger Ale.

Perfect cocktail mixers in India for any occasion.

Mumbai Mixers

Available in bright and eye catching packaging, these cocktail mixers will definitely catch your attention for their low calories, zero trans fats and no artificial flavors. They are available in flavors like Cosmopolitan, Whiskey Sour, Mojito and Sex On The Beach. These have a fruity, smooth and tasty flavor. They are non-alcoholic but also ideal for those of you craving a delicious drink as a cooler without the alcohol.

& Stirred Cocktail Mix

With mixer flavours like Whiskey Sour, Pina Colada, Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Sangria, Mojit- & Stirred Cocktail Mixers are oh so delightful to say the least. Besides being economical, these cocktail mixers are for sure to turn any house party into a huge hit! These also bring out the home bartender in all, making the mixing and the process of making the cocktails so fun and an entire experience in itself.


Saving the best for last?

Well maybe!

Drinktales, being fairly new in the cocktail mixer biz, however has come up with innovative Cocktail Crystals in four killer flavours of Chilli Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Old Fashioned and Mint Daiquiri. Besides these, what makes Drinktales better is that these flavours are also available in fun boxes with such catchy names; Bachelor Box, Anniversary Box, Birthday Box and a Special Occasion Box, yes! There’s one for every special day or occasion! These boxes contain coaters, magnets, shaker, measurer, stirrer and eco-friendly straws apart from the mixer sachets. What are you waiting for grab these goodies now!

India for sure does not lag when it comes to offering some of the best cocktail mixers. We hope this list helps you make your decision on getting the best mixers for your drinks or more so try them all!