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Authentic Taste

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No Preservatives

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Get the party started with getamix

Welcome to Getamix, where we bring the joy of mixology straight to your business's doorstep. Whether you're a bustling club, a lively pub, or any other entertainment venue, we're here to elevate your offerings and ensure that every hour is a happy one for your patrons. With Getamix, you're not just ordering cocktails; you're inviting a world of flavor, excitement, and innovation into your establishment.

Our mission at Getamix is simple: to provide businesses like yours with the highest quality cocktail mixes that are as easy to use as they are delicious. Say goodbye to the hassle of sourcing ingredients and the guesswork of crafting complex cocktails. With our extensive range of premium mixes, you can effortlessly serve up top-notch drinks that will keep your customers coming back for more. From classic favorites to trendy concoctions, our diverse selection has something to suit every taste and occasion.

So why wait? Get the party started today with Getamix and let us help you create unforgettable experiences for your customers. Whether it's a weekend celebration or a weekday wind-down, make every hour a happy one with Getamix by your side. Cheers to great taste, great times, and great business!

Who is it for?
GetaMix is all Customer's Favourite
  • Retail

    GetaMix Cocktails is the perfect listing across small and large retail outlets, and we can advise on which cocktails to list to drive RoS and enhance value

  • Hotels, Bars and Restaurants

    GetaMix Cocktails helps you serve award-winning cocktails to your guests without delay, enhancing their enjoyment

  • Entertainments

    World-class cocktail of choice – enhanced by speed of service and less queueing as a result.

  • Travel

    Compact packaging means GetaMix Cocktails is sought-after by travel. Pocket bartender takes care of your fun while travelling.

  • Festivals

    Easy to transport and speed of service on location means GetaMix Cocktails are the perfect solution for bars at busy events.

  • Private Events

    With our broad menu, including alcohol-free cocktails, every guest can enjoy GetaMix Cocktails whether it’s at the bar during your event or as a beautifully-packaged leaving present.