Bar essentials for a perfect homemade cocktail
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Bar essentials for a perfect homemade cocktail

Mastering the bartending skills at home may sound a little daunting or even an impossible task, but believe it not all mixology lovers took professional courses to master their art. Some of the best in the trade are purely driven by passion to experiment and create new ideas of bar serving. While you need not compare with others, with the help of a few essentials you can touch that level of a pro server in no time.

Below are the basic essentials that you need at hand for an amazing in house experience of both you and your guests. These include nothing fancy as they match just other kitchen essentials and are easy to comprehend and use. They are easily available in a kit  or individually online on many sites and in a quite affordable price range for you to buy and take your home bar to new levels.

On the Rocks Glasses

Serve that whiskey, vodka or any other drink on the rocks with the shiny attractive glassware set that is the pride of any home bar. Aim for a standard size of 6 to 10 ounces and not above that as the ice melts too quickly for that and dilutes the drink beyond the intended measure spoiling the taste and flavour concentration. So make the second drink when number one is gone. Cocktails are meant to be enjoyed slowly, after all!

Coupe Glasses

A perfect serving glass for cocktails and mocktails, coupe glasses are stylish to hold and define luxury at its best. They come in different rim styles, with pouring size of 6 to 8 ounces, and are used for drinks served without ice. After straining the cocktail into the glass, the liquid should settle just below the rim. These are a perfect alternative to martini glasses, which spill too easily.

Bar Spoon

Bar spoon acts as a stirrer and a measurer for syrup ingredients. To be able to stir properly without sinking in, a length of around 12.5 inches is the standard length for a bar spoon. If it’s too short your sleeve cuffs will be dipped in alcohol if it’s too long, it would look equally inappropriate.

A cocktail shaker

A good cocktail shaker is the most crucial fit for a bar counter. A shaker mixes the cocktail ingredients properly to transfer the taste of the mix in the spirit of your choice and is the secret to a great tasting cocktail. Always opt for the one with a perfect size and a firm grip to avoid any slipping and spilling.

Conical Mesh Strainer

Occasionally you will need to filter out certain small ingredients that slip past an ordinary strainer and spoil the clear look of a cocktail. A fine conical mesh strainer helps solve the issue by being held over the serving glass, and filtering the ingredients that are poured through, making it a home bar essential.

Stock of Bar Spirits

As a good bartending host, you wouldn’t want your drinks to go out of stock in the middle of a party. That could be very embarrassing! To keep such a situation at bay, it is essential to maintain a ready stock of all spirits Whiskey, Gin, Rum, Vodka, Tequila, etc. and a little extra of the ones that you think are a favorite among your guests.

Tonic Water & Club Soda

Not everyone prefers a neat dose of alcohol, and in some cases mixing a cocktail flavour with just alcohol doesn’t enhance the true flavors the way they should be. In such cases tonic water and club soda are used. These are the most basic things to keep in stock even if you aren’t boasting a separate bar area. Even a table top weekend serving would require a soda bottle.

Cocktail mixer packs

The fundamental ingredient that brings a cocktail int existence is a cocktail flavor mix. There are a range of ready mixes in different flavors and classic recipes like Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Sangria, etc. which are available under many brand names, each with their own unique added ingredients for a delectable concoction. Keeping a stock of party mixer packs would be a great idea for a home bar.

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