How to Host the Perfect Cocktail Party
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How to Host the Perfect Cocktail Party

When it comes to planning any party, pre-planning is the key. Getting everything ready beforehand goes a long way and leads to a successful and fun event. The perfect cocktail party also requires the same strategy.

Read on to find out tips and tricks to hosting THE most perfect cocktail party that everybody will remember.

The Pour

To get things going and to give a head start to your party planning, coming up with a fun theme is the key. The rest of the party planning just follows once you have decided on a theme. Make the theme a very different and quirky one where the guests can play on with their outfits, the decoration for the party becomes easier and of course the list of food and drinks just flows on in with the theme.

The Invitation

First impressions are definitely the last impressions so why not set out a really amazing first impression sneak peek into your cocktail party with a very fancy or classy invitation. E-invites are truly becoming very popular but mailing the invitation for the cocktail party isn’t a bad idea as well. If you choose to go old-school and send out a formal invitation especially to those who are at close distance, that would create a sense of anticipation and curiosity among your guests. You can send them a fancy printed invitation along with a gift box of some of the fun cocktail mixers that you are planning on serving in the main event. A gift box never fails to do its job at making people happy. Don’t miss out on including the details about the cocktail party like the dress code, the exact location and venue and other details like parking, transportation information if required.

The Decoration/Music

According to the theme you have chosen, no part is complete without the decoration. It increases the vibe of the party tenfold. Along with decoration, the only way you can encourage your guests to loosen up a little is with MUSIC! Prepare a list of Songs that will set the mood just right for you and your guests throughout the course of the cocktail party. Let the beautiful blend of music, the food, decoration and of course the drinks turn your party into a great one!

Ladies and Gentlemen! The highlight of the party- Cocktails!

Since this is going to be a cocktail party, making sure that your menu for drinks is just perfect and satisfies each and every guest is a must. Play around with the drinks, order cocktail mixers online to get a larger variety of mixers to tang up your party. Here are a few but GREAT tips to help you with your drinks menu or while ordering cocktail mixers online:

  • A few signature or easy cocktails
  • Including a few non-alcoholic drinks like soft drinks, juice or mocktails as catering to the non-drinkers is also important in being a good host or hostess.
  • Spice up the drinks with different serving styles like with garnishes, layers, shots and many more.

Make the entry of your guests a grand one, you can have a waiter greet them at the entrance with a drink. This would definitely add cherry on your guests’ experience of a great cocktail party besides making them feel welcome and spare them the trouble of hunting for drinks. Since the ultimate goal of the cocktail party would be to allow your guests to mingle and socialize, offering them a drink this way would do the trick. Ordering your cocktail mixers can help you cover up your menu for the night. Sites like Drinktales, with so many mixers to choose from, are sure to turn your cocktail party into the best one ever!