Old Fashioned Rum
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Old Fashioned Rum

Want an escape from the chaotic outside world? Or planning for a cocktail party but worried that it might cost you a bomb?

Brace yourselves, as we have a dreamy solution for you! Welcome to the world of flavoursome and classic Old Fashioned cocktails. The earliest versions of this cocktail were first served in the early 19th century, and the first in-vogue old-fashioned was made with whiskey in Chicago in 1882. This was before the advancement of bartending techniques.

Today old fashioned cocktails are not limited to whiskey! People all around the world have tried old fashioned cocktails with their much-loved liquor options.

Typically made by muddling sugar with bitters, water, and whiskey, old-fashioned is one cocktail every drink lover swears by! Garnishing also plays an important role in preparing the charming old-fashioned.You can also be creative with garnishing. Orange zest, lime slices, cocktail cherries, dark chocolate, and the list is long. So give a twist of your flavour with these garnishings to your rum old-fashioned.

Almost every classic English movie has had its reference, which speaks volumes of its popularity since time immemorial.

Apart from the conventional whisky, the old-fashioned you can also prepare it perfectly with rum. Yes, you heard me, right, rum lovers! You can enjoy your cocktail in your favourite rum. With DrinkTales cocktail mixers, bring the bar to your home, and that too at affordable prices. Newly designed homes, these days, come with a small area reserved for a bar at home. So learn to prepare your delectable old fashioned cocktail today and get the party rolling!

The bartenders have always charmed others with their art of making cocktails. Well, you too can now cast your magic spell on others with old fashioned homemade rum.  All you need is the old fashioned rum cocktail sachet or just your rum, chilled water, ice cubes, bitters, and those beautiful and exotic rum glasses.

Old fashioned rum cocktail is as old and classic as it can get! Old fashioned cocktails vary in their character and taste, just like the many flavours of rum! Taste the most authentic and delectable Old fashioned rum cocktail and experience heaven.

The drink may be called Old Fashioned, but it’s every drinker’s absolute desire to date. Despite being the classic drink that it is, Old fashioned has, over the years, fascinated and pleased people with its many impressive faces and versions. In addition, its many combinations have been a huge hit with modern drinkers. Old fashioned rum is that one drink that pleases both the traditionalist and the lover of twists.

Give the classic Old Fashioned rum cocktail a little twist with some zesty orange to make a deeply-flavoured short cocktail.

How to make the perfect Rum Old Fashioned cocktail?

Ingredients required

Your favourite rum/ old fashioned rum mix


Chilled water

Ice cubes

Orange jest and sliced


Fill your rocks glass with ice cubes. Pour a little amount of chilled water as per your taste and add a handsome quantity of your rum and stir properly for a minute or two. Add some more ice cubes along with bitters

and orange jest and stir to mix well. Top up with some oil of the orange peel and garnish with sliced lime/orange. For homemade cocktails, you can add any of your desired flavours. Your favourite soft drink, some brandy or dark chocolate for garnishing, an old-fashioned rum cocktail has room for all your experiments! So let the master chef in you shine. And do not forget to let the enchanting smell of rum old fashioned carry you to wonderland.

A Pro drink hack

The Old Fashioned Duppy, one of the most loved drinks served at bars, is a combination of the Rum Old Fashioned and the Corn ‘n’ Oil –

Pour 10ml falernum into 50 ml old-fashioned rum prepared. Add 2 dashes of bitters and garnish with wedges of lime! That’s it! Serve this delight in your next cocktail party and wait for the magic!

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