Best cocktails to celebrate the Pride Month
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Best cocktails to celebrate the Pride Month

Best cocktails to celebrate the Pride Month

Hey, the pride month is here, and boy, do we miss the outdoors? Yes, we do. The pandemic may have ruined those outdoor plans. But, Drinktales has something to revive your pride month mood. So, worry no more! To keep you chill in your abode, we have a list of cocktails that will keep your pride celebrations going. These refreshing treats will be your perfect partners. Let’s learn these easy peasy recipes and add a touch of high to your celebrations –

The Cheever:

What’s better than a vodka cocktail with hints and notes of pineapple and coconut? Nothing. This drink simply cheers you up with its subtle notes and makes it a perfect treat for the humid month of June. All you need is one part of Vodka, half parts of cream, cream of coconut and blue Curacao each and lastly, 3 parts of pineapple juice! Put the pineapple juice, Vodka, and creams in a blender with a few ice cubes, blend, and strain, top it with some blue Curacao, ice, and hurray! You can now dive into the cool and tropical taste of Cheever. 

The Melon Sour:

Okay, June also brings with it that humid and hot weather. So why not indulge in a sweet and sour drink? So let’s make the melon sour. All you need is 11/2 parts of melon liqueur and sweet and sour mix, 1 part citrus vodka, Lemon Juice for that extra punch, some fresh ginger, and lastly, orange Liqueur. The pride community represents so much versatility. Similarly, this drink shall also add a diverse force of flavours.

Muddle the ginger, lime juice, and melon liqueur, followed by the sweet and sour mix and citrus vodka. Shake with ice and strain. These form the bottom layer, top it with some cranberry juice and finish it with some orange liqueur and candied ginger for a fancy look. Enjoy this colorful and refreshing treat!

Say Hello to Jell-O:

Just the right amount of gelatin, liquor, and color, and your refreshing jelly slickster is ready! Four colored Jell-O mixes, your choice of liquor, and a few ice cubes are all you need.

For each of the Jell-O mixes, empty the contents on ¾ cup of boiling water, throw in a few ice cubes, stir till it cools, and ¾ cup of Vodka and layer it in shot glasses. By the end of the 4th mix, you will have a colorful jelly shot cocktail ready! It is indeed a quirky addition to your Pride Month get-togethers or house parties.

Rainbow Sangrigio:

Ready to dive into a fruity delight? Well, then get chopping and collect a bottle of dry white wine, 3 tbsp of honey or powdered sugar, and some lime juice. Mix all of the ingredients and combine till the sugar or honey completely dissolves. Arrange the fruits in a glass; let the chef in you create a beautiful and colorful glass. Pour in the wine mix and let the fruits soak up all of those amazing flavors. The secret of making the perfect Sangrigio is to let the fruits drink the entire liquid first. Then, you can top these fruits with either brandy or soda and relish this refreshing yet a little healthy drink!

Happiness enhanced with Harvey Milkshake:

This one is quite different but is still an amazing treat. Pink, beautiful and refreshing! All you need is some great Vanilla ice cream, some fresh cream, Vanilla Vodka, White crème the cacao, and some fresh pear puree. Blend all of these elements and ta-da! You can now dive into a smooth and chilled delight!

Loud and Proud:

So, this one is the most complex drink since it has many ingredients but oh it does taste great? Well, make and find out. For this one, you must collect 1 ½ oz of Empress Indigo Gin, ½ oz of Lemongrass syrup, and Germaine elderflower liqueur each and 1 oz of Apple rosewater. Mix all the ingredients with a dash of lemon juice and shake them up with some ice cubes. The finished result would be something you will feel magical and apt for the Pride month joy.

Celebrate the community of Pride and Love this Pride month with DrinkTales!

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