Best Cocktails and Bar Trends in 2021
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Best Cocktails and Bar Trends in 2021

The Coronavirus pandemic is still wreaking havoc worldwide, and most of us are spending our time in 2021 inside our homes. When homes become the focal point of our operational grounds, even simple moments with loved ones are celebrated by creating new rituals and saying toast. Amid all this crisis, it has only accelerated flavored cocktail mixers and bar trends. The limitations have only set loose cocktail lovers’ imaginations, and some are busily figuring out the best cocktail recipes. Drinktales is here to take a quick peek into the current haul of cocktail mixers and notable bar trends in 2021.

It’s homemade!

Small or big crowds are always unruly in this pandemic. But we had already found a solution for it! The present drift is to take cocktail mixers at home and try to discover new flavors. Conferring to emerging changes, bars are also serving ready-to-serve best cocktail packages. When your well-being is a priority, the shift in people’s attitude and the economic crisis foresee this trend to linger for a while. Drinktales is also serving to revolutionize cocktail culture by fetching your preferred flavored cocktail mixers at home.

Virtual bartending

You hear it correctly! When you can’t go to a bar to enjoy your best cocktail drink, why not bring it home without compromising the experience in its entirety. If you are struggling to create your much-loved cocktail mixers, you can always seek help. Virtual bartenders are a thing now. They help you prepare flavored cocktail mixers and assist you to make the perfect concoction. Hence, if you are having a virtual social gathering, you can still enjoy your drink with your friends sitting at your safe shell.

Using Pre-designed cocktail kits

This trend emphasizes bringing the art of cocktail making to home. 2021 is all about bringing all the things that you once enjoyed to your comfort zones. Bars are also aligning with this trend and are bringing the cocktail mixtures home. If you are afraid to mess up the

precious concoction then the good news is they are coming with small kits that make the preparation easy for you. Are you worried about not having the right tools to make flavored cocktail mixtures? This new trend can be your problem solver! At Drinktales, we have curated specialized gift boxes with all the essentials you need to craft that classy cocktail drink.

Online training

Ever wondered you need to get online training on how to make beverages? Pandemic taught us that can also be a trend. There is online training available for adherent cocktail lovers who want to master the secret of making the best cocktail. It is after all art that required skill to master. If you wish to become a bartender, then online bartending courses are already live.

Curated Subscription Service

 A major trend shift happened in the delivery services. It has gone from mere delivery of the best cocktails to a subscription service that lets you know about recent stocks and new arrivals. .Are you waiting for a particular cocktail mixture for a long time, and don’t know how to get your hand on it? At that point, you can effectively utilize this subscription service. In this way, bartenders are channeling their services and skills through this new medium. Drinktales also bring a subscription facility that lets you know about our monthly supply with a surprise of bar goodies within no time.

Stay trendy when it comes to flavourful cocktails with Drinktales Trends are changing concurrently to the rapid shift in societal reforms. You can easily access any good cocktail mixtures now at home and let’s be honest, it is safe to opt for this especially in these hard times. Drinktales is taking this trend to a new level and coming with breathtaking flavored cocktail mixtures that give you a short trip to your most missed cocktail days. Our exotic flavors are a full-fledged treat to all those dreaming to sip the best cocktails. You can easily store it and serve it whenever you want to taste your favorite delight.